Welcome to SPORES: Students Participating in Outreach through Research in Engineering and the Sciences



Mission Statement:

The mission of the SPORES organization is to “improve retention rates of minority students in underrepresented fields through academic support, provision of resources, and career preparation.”

Students Participating in Outreach through Research in Engineering and the Sciences has five foundational objectives:


  • Increase minority retention in STEM fields
  • Encourage minority participation in research
  • Promote collaboration and community on university campuses
  • Provide non-traditional academic support resources
  • Increase first-year retention rates of minority students
  • Encourage equal representation in all fields

SPORES will exist as an academic resource for students of all majors, genders, ages, and ethnic identities.  SPORES is a non-discriminatory organization, and students need not be a minority to obtain membership.  The SPORES organization will provide resources key to academic success, retention, and graduation at the lowest possible cost to students. The SPORES organization will work to help increase the rate of retention of minority students in the fields of Science and Engineering. SPORES will work to encourage students to participate in research, and provide information on research opportunities at the University of Kentucky, and other research institutes. SPORES will encourage student preparedness post graduation for employment, graduate or professional education. Students participating in SPORES will be encouraged to display integrity and professionalism in their work through mentorship, peer leadership, and organization sponsored events. 



Students Participating in Outreach through Research in Engineering and the Sciences, SPORES, became an official origination on the campus of the University of Kentucky in the spring of 2016. SPORES was established by 6 undergraduate engineering students participating in the National Science Foundation’s Broadening Participation in Engineering Program, BPE. These six students aspired to share the knowledge and experience gained through the BPE program to all minority STEM students, which lead to the creation of SPORES.




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